It’s that time again for another donation! As we mention every time we make a post of this nature, transparency & integrity are everything to us. When we stamp “Supporting Animal Rescue” on our product, we mean it. Everything about what we do is to maximize our impact on animal welfare in every avenue possible. It’s been a challenging goal to navigate; being a startup, building an inventory, managing costs and building our community. By making the simple decision to choose to purchase Gemma Rose Project waste bags over other competitors, you are allowing us make a difference. You guys have been amazing and have shown us so much support, kindness and love. We appreciate you and it continues to motivate us to build something really special with your support.

This donation goes to two different rescues, NorthStar Pet Rescue ( based in Boonton, NJ and Almost Home Canine Rescue ( based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

NorthStar is a rescue that was just recently launched in 2017 by the very same people that helped pull Gemma from the kill shelter down in Georgia. Their mission: “In many areas of the country, especially in the South, the situation for animals is desperate:   Chained outside and starving, homeless and running loose, or just simply no longer wanted and abandoned in an overburdened and underfunded facility that can’t possibly take another.  For these animals, there is not much hope…except to look in the night sky for the North Star, their only way out.  We are a group of passionate volunteers committed to saving these innocent dogs and finding them a new forever home. NorthStar Pet Rescue was founded in 2017, and although we might be a relatively new name among New Jersey animal rescues, you may recognize some of us from the work we’ve done volunteering with other rescues to help animals over the past decade. We are 100% dedicated to operating in a safe, transparent, and ethical manner, and to ensuring the best veterinary practices are followed with regards to the care and transport of our animals. NorthStar Pet Rescue is IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization (EIN: 81-5348036).”

Almost Home Canine Rescue is a rescue organization of a good friend we’ve made over the past year in our social media network. They are a very small rescue based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota who are also just getting their feet on the ground. “Almost Home Canine Rescue is a foster based rescue in Sioux Falls, SD. It was previously based out of Madison, SD and functioned to find homes for the stray dogs and cats that wound up in the Madison Pound. Under new leadership, Almost Home plans to help rescue dogs, puppy mill dogs, strays, and owner surrenders get a new chance at a wonderful life.”

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