We hold the stamp of ‘Supporting Animal Rescue’ on all our products in the highest regard.  When you purchase a Gemma Rose product, you are directly contributing towards saving animals who are out of time and out of options. The Gemma Rose Project was founded on the simple premise to help raise awareness for animal rescue and also to become a sustainable source of financial funding for rescue organizations around the United States. We support animal rescue efforts in the following ways:

  • A minimum of $1.00 per box is donated directly to an animal rescue organization.  On the first of every month, the Gemma Rose Project will send this donation to the animal rescue group that we have partnered with.   All partnership organizations are vetted by the Gemma Rose Project and must be a registered 501c(3) organization.   The first partner organization that the Gemma Rose Project will be supporting via donations is Eleventh Hour Rescue in New Jersey.   In the future, we plan to set up more relationships with other rescue groups and will be announcing an affiliate program and changing the purchase process so that our customers can choose which approved rescue partnership they would like the Gemma Rose Project to direct their contribution to.
  • The Gemma Rose Project will also be donating product to be sold at animal rescue fundraisers at retail price, and give 100% of the total retail value to the rescue organization.
  •  Aside from direct monthly donations, we take another portion of our profits and ‘pledge’ money to specific rescue campaigns and animals in need on social media. Follow us on Facebook to learn more!
  •  We vow to raise awareness for animal rescue through every avenue possible. Our own staff are boots on the ground, in the ‘trenches’ fighting the battle against animal abuse. It’s in our DNA.


How much of Gemma Rose Project’s total revenue is donated to animal rescue?

The real genuine answer to this is we don’t know yet!  We are testing the limits of running a sustainable business while donating as much to animal rescue efforts as possible. As we continue to develop the strategy and methodology over the coming months, we’ll have a better handle on the exact percentage of our profits go to rescue efforts. We vow to be transparent with our customers every step of the way.