We firmly believe that when you put a stamp like ‘Supporting Animal Rescue’ and associate your product strongly with a specific cause, full transparency should be provided to your loyal customers that their purchases are actually going to where you say they are going. Our customers are choosing Gemma Rose over other products and are trusting us to live up to our slogan ‘Making the world a better place, one poop at a time’. We take that very seriously and want our customers to know that we are genuinely committed to providing an awesome product to this even greater cause.
That said, we are happy to announce that the first month of launching our product and business we were able to donate a total of $84.54 to Eleventh Hour Rescue. We didn’t do a tremendous amount of sales, but we will only be growing up from here! Special thank you to all who have supported us and provided valuable feedback during our opening month! We look forward to helping and partnering with more shelters in the very near future.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
-Gemma and the rest of the Gemma Rose Project staff