Woohoo!! It’s time again for us to send out some donations to help some animals in need. Below are the two donations we’ve made on behalf of your purchases over the last few months:

Part 1 of our donation, is a direct donation to Eleventh Hour Rescue. They’ve been hard at work pulling dogs from every corner of the US with a couple very heartbreaking stories. We hope this donation will continue to drive them forward in their beautiful cause.

Part 2 of our donation is to a pup that’s local to where Gemma Rose is based out of. His story is below the picture. If you want to help directly, please use the following URL: https://www.youcaring.com/knuckles-819061

Knuckles, now 11 months, was adopted from a Long Island rescue organization.  His adoptive family is a wonderful family who has given him a good home and great training.

Knuckles’ best friend is a 13 year old girl who recently made a plea on Facebook to see if anyone could take their dog as the family had no choice but to euthanize him.

Lea is absolutely devestated.

You see, as much as they love Knuckles, he has exhibited some major signs of resource guarding, which could be a dangerous behavioral disorder that requires special training.

Knuckles’ family did everything they could to try and help him. They brought him to training, begged the rescue organization to help them and visited the vet for advice.  The only thing they were told is that Knuckles will never be a normal dog.  If given up, he would live his life in a crate because he could not be trusted.

Well, we don’t believe that. And we will not let this 11 month old baby die. He is helpless and needs us to gather funds so we can send to him for specialized training.

The training we have arranged for Knuckles is in a very special training facility that will work with him and his behavioral issues around he clock. And then, they will adopt him out to the right family who is equipped with the knowledge to keep consistent with his training.

If you can spare any amount so that we can send Knuckles for this training, you will be helping to save his life.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our products over the last few months. We have some major things in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Warm Regards,

Nick & Gemma