Name: Annie
Breed: Collie Mix
Rescued From: San Antonio TX
Date: 07/30/2016
Organization: Eleventh Hour Rescue
Adoption Location: New Jersey
Poor Annie languished in the San Antonio Shelter for a couple weeks. Like many dogs she was terrified of all the unfamiliar sights and sounds. In every one of her pictures, she just looked absolutely terrified and defeated. The hair on the tips of her ears and other parts of her body was starting to fall out from mange and malnutrition. When her time was up, Eleventh Hour Rescue stepped in and placed her into a great foster home in Texas. It wasn't until the rescue reviewed her paperwork that they made the discovery that Annie had been living under the house of her "owner", who surrendered her to the shelter but couldn't actually get her out from under the house. Forcibly dragged from her refuge and dumped in the shelter, it's no wonder she was terrified. Annie has made great progress in her foster homes in Texas and New Jersey, but will always be a shy and reserved girl. Despite all she's been through, she's a sweet and gentle soul. Annie's rescue, Eleventh Hour Rescue in NJ, has placed her into a safe and quiet home where she doesn't have to scramble for food scraps anymore and she will always be safe and dry and warm.