Mama Hanna and her pups
Name: Mama Hanna and her pups
Breed: Shepherd/Rottweiler Mix
Rescued From: San Antonio Texas
Date: 12/23/2017
Organization: Eleventh Hour Rescue
Adoption Location: NJ
Poor Hanna was living in the rubble of a burned out house in San Antonio with another mama dog named Kala and her 7 puppies, and also a beautiful black lab who we assume was the father of the pups. Unbelievably, it seems as though the owners of the house abandoned all of these beautiful dogs after the house burned down and left them there with no food or clean water. Eleventh Hour Rescue learned of all these poor dogs through our network of volunteers in Texas and agreed to take all of them. Our volunteers sprung into action and got them out of there right before a very rare hard freeze descended upon San Antonio. Almost immediately upon rescuing Hanna we discovered that she was pregnant. Our wonderful foster in Texas agreed to foster her through the rest of her pregnancy and to help raise all of her pups until they were old enough to travel to NJ. Hannas pups were born on January 8 2017. When they are about 10 weeks old they will be making the trip to NJ with their mom and we will find great homes for all of them. Hanna is a sweet girl about 35lbs, which is a great size. She fit right into the foster's home and gets along great with her other dogs. She is pretty mellow and likes to just hang out with her foster family. She has also been a fantastic mother to all of her pups. All of Hannas pups are being raised hand-raised and socialized by her foster family and receive endless amounts of love. They will surely all be great dogs. The Gemma Rose Project is helping 11th hour with the significant medical expenses required to help the two momma dogs and 14 puppies included in this rescue.