Name: Cami
Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Rescued From: Rio Grande Valley, Texas
Date: 07/12/2018
Organization: Northstar Pet Rescue (
Adoption Location: NJ
Meet Cami! This girl is an irresistably sweet showstopper. We think she is mostly Doberman, but with a little bit of maybe German Shepherd mixed in there, but who knows? It's tough to say how big this girl is going to be though. At 5-6 months of age she doesn't have the big paws that would suggest she's going to be really big, so we're thinking she might be 40-50lbs but it's hard to say.

Cami is a happy and playful girl with a goofy personality. When we saw her shelter picture, that personality shone through and we were fortunately able to find a foster for her. Get your applications in quick, this puppy won't last long!