Name: Jono
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Rescued From: Rio Grande Valley, Texas
Date: 07/19/2018
Organization: Northstar Pet Rescue (
Adoption Location: NJ
Meet Jono! NorthStar Pet Rescue found Jono waiting for his savior in a high intake shelter in south texas that takes in between 70 and 100 dogs a day. As a senior, heartworm positive dog, his chances of making it out were slim to none. Fortunately we have a soft spot in our hearts for senior dogs who are down on their luck and we were able to get him out before he met a tragic fate. When we received Jono he was extremely malnourished. Every single one of his ribs and vertebrae were visible beneath his dry an unkempt coat. After just a couple weeks in foster, he's already gained some weight and his coat is nice and shiny. Jono is the sweetest boy you'd ever want to meet. He has the typical happy-go-lucky lab personality, and gets along great with the other pups in his foster home. It's tough to get a picture of him with his tail in focus because it's always wagging! NorthStar Pet Rescue will be treating Jono for his heartworm thanks to donations from the Gemma Rose Project and then transporting him to NJ so he can find his forever home. Senior dogs like Jono make the BEST pets and have lots of life and love to give! Won't you help Jono write the next chapter in his story?