Gemma Rose
Name: Gemma Rose
Breed: Long-haired German Shepherd
Rescued From: Georgia
Date: 10/30/2013
Organization: Eleventh Hour Rescue,
Adoption Location: New Jersey
Dad is letting me write my own story for my page, so here it is.

Hi, I'm Gemma Rose! My dad and some of his great friends Karen, Tammy, Jeff, and others, saved me minutes before I could have taken my last breath. Can you believe that? I don't know how I ended up in that place they call a "kill shelter", I've never even done anything bad! There were so many of my friends that were not as lucky as I was that day. Even after I left that bad place, my life was still so confusing. It seemed like every day was a new adventure. So many kind people touched me, walked me, and gave me treats. I never had that kind of treatment before! Then, one day, the nice people in Georgia put me on a big truck. It was very noisy, and there were lots of other dogs in truck with me. We were all stacked up in crates together. The truck started driving, and driving, and driving. Every once in a while some more nice people took me out and petted me and told me I was a good girl, and gave me some food and water. After what seemed like forever, the door opened up and the cool air flowed in. It was nighttime and there were dozens and dozens of people looking in at us! They started climbing in and talking to us all. One by one they took us out. A kind boy opened my crate and slipped a leash around my neck. I could tell right away that he loved me. Little did I know, that was my dad! We walked off the truck together and he held me on his lap all the way home. From that point I decided I never wanted to leave his side (and I haven't!) I hope you enjoyed my story and will consider subscribing to receive our poop bags. There's a picture of me on every box. Remember, every box you purchase helps other dogs just like me to find a new home!