Berlyn and her puppies
Name: Berlyn and her puppies
Breed: Boxer/Lab Mix
Rescued From: South Texas
Date: 06/07/2017
Organization: Eleventh Hour Rescue
Adoption Location: New Jeseey
Berlyn and her 9 puppies were surrendered to a rural South Texas shelter where they had little hope of escape. The shelter staff did their best to keep the family healthy and intact but their days were numbered. Eleventh Hour Rescue in NJ found a foster in Texas who agreed to take the whole family into foster until they were old enough to make the trip to NJ. Tragically, 2 of the 9 puppies passed away shortly after going into foster. However, the remaining 7 puppies thrived under the care and watchful eye of their foster. All 7 puppies arrived in New Jersey about 10 weeks after being abandoned and were adopted out to wonderful families. But the best part is that mama Berlyn has been enrolled in a service dog program where she is currently being trained to be a companion dog for a special needs child. The Gemma Rose Project contributed funds towards the extensive vetting costs that young families like this require before they can be adopted.