Name: Roadie
Breed: English Bulldog
Rescued From: South Texas
Date: 04/20/2017
Organization: N/A
Adoption Location: New Jersey
Eleventh Hour Rescue found Roadie in terrible condition in a south Texas shelter. He had extreme hair loss and scabbing all along his back. Fortunately we have a team of fosters experienced in treating doggie skin conditions, and he was placed into a foster home that nursed him back to health. It's likely he will always have some skin problems, and hair loss, which are mitigated by careful monitoring of his diet. Roadie made his way to NJ where he was adopted out a family very experienced in the special care that bulldogs require and who are able to handle the costs involved in keeping him health and happy. The Gemma Rose Project contributed towards the veterinary costs incurred bringing Roadie back to health before adoption.