Cindy Lou, Lance, & Lacie
Name: Cindy Lou, Lance, & Lacie
Breed: Blue Heeler
Rescued From: Texas
Date: 09/15/2016
Organization: 11th Hour Rescue
Adoption Location: New Jersey
It's easy to share the fun stories in dog rescue. It's much harder to share the sad ones. Cindy Lou and her two puppies Lance and Lacie found themselves stuck in a South Texas shelter with no hope. A great rescue scooped out this little family in the nick of time. It wasn't long after arriving in their foster home that both puppies became very sick. A shelter was no place for a young puppy with an undeveloped immune system. Fearing the worst, both puppies were rushed to the vet. After a week of IV fluid and support, Lance was able to be released, but his sister Lacie was still too sick. Near the end of the second week, she had to undergo emergency surgery and sadly passed away shortly thereafter. Rescues roll the dice every time they commit to a dog. It could be easy, or it could be hard. It's never cheap, but too often it's crushingly expensive. Boarding and intensive care for Cindy Lou's 2 puppies, plus heartworm treatment for Cindy Lou has cost thousands, only a tiny fraction of which can be recovered in adoption fees. That's why individual donations and the support received from companies like the Gemma Rose project is vital to enable rescues to continue doing their important work.