Name: Charley
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix
Rescued From: San Antonio TX
Date: 02/24/2016
Organization: Eleventh Hour Rescue
Adoption Location: New Jersey
Charley was in absolute deplorable condition when his rescue found him in San Antonio. His freedom ride picture is the picture of a dog that has just given up on life. His Texas foster brought him home and immediately set to work gently cleaning him, pulling off dozens and dozens of ticks. But being a young dog, it wasn't long before Charley started his rapid recovery. After a few short weeks he made his way to New Jersey and was adopted out to a great family. Dogs like Charley just need a little bit of vetting and love to bounce right back from all they've been through. The Gemma Rose project is dedicated to helping rescues help dogs like Charley, one poop bag at a time!