Name: Fonzie
Breed: Bassett Hound
Rescued From: Rio Grande Valley, Texas
Date: 09/15/2018
Organization: Northstar Pet Rescue (
Adoption Location: NJ
Happy Days! Sometimes you look at a dog and you can't figure out what to name it and sometimes you look at a dog and you know immediately what the name should be. Meet Fonzie! Fonzie was turned in to a small south Texas shelter by his owner who no longer wanted him. We can't figure out why because Fonzie is hilarious! He is everything you'd expect in a Basset hound. A sloppy, happy, chubby doggo! Fonzie has some skin and ear issues from many years of poor nutrition and care by his previous owner, which he is being treated for thanks to donations from the Gemma Rose Project. When we brought him into the rescue, we had a full battery of blood work and xrays done to see what was needed and he's in remarkably good shape, better than he appears due to his skin issues. He's going to clean up nicely and will make a great addition to any home. He's good with other dogs, and boy does he love his food! We think he might be hearing impaired to some degree, though it could just be as a result of the current condition of his ears, which are being treated. If you're looking for a happy, slow moving, and funny new friend, Fonzie is the guy for you. AAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!