Name: Solo
Breed: Jack Russel Terrier Mix
Rescued From: South Texas
Date: 03/05/2018
Organization: NorthStar Pet Rescue
Adoption Location: Northeast US
Solo looks out the window of the shelter wondering where his owner went. The shelter workers keep him in the office instead of in a run with the other dogs because he is so incredibly sad....and they know his owner is never coming back. You see, his owner was diagnosed with cancer, and won't ever be coming back because he can no longer care for poor Solo. NorthStar Pet Rescue was alerted that this poor sad pup needed some cheering up, and fortunately we were able to get him into a foster home quickly. Won't you consider making this sweet little guy part of your family? Donations by the Gemma Rose Project are helping to get dogs like Solo vetted and transported to his rescue organization.