Kala and her pups
Name: Kala and her pups
Breed: Cattle Dog Mix
Rescued From: San Antonio TX
Date: 01/02/2017
Organization: Eleventh Hour Rescue
Adoption Location: N/A
A rescue contact notified Eleventh Hour Rescue of a dire situation in San Antonio. After a house fire, the inhabitants of the house moved out and left all 3 of their dogs behind. No food or water was left for them. One of the dogs had recently given birth to 7 puppies and was severely emaciated from trying to scavenge for anything edible in the burned out rubble. Thanks to a network of volunteers, 11th hour was able to retrieve the mama dog, her 7 puppies, another female dog (Hanna) who is pregnant, and a young male labrador from the burned out house. People wonder why there are so many strays and dogs in need in the South...this is why. Uncaring owners who treat their dogs like just another possession to be discarded and then allow them to reproduce freely, compounding the initial problem. The Gemma Rose Project contributed towards the extensive vetting that mama and her 7 puppies need before they can travel. Kala and all seven of her puppies are available for adoption through http://www.ehrdogs.org - they will be arriving in Mid February 2017. If you would like to apply to adopt one of them, please visit http://www.ehrdogs.org and complete an adoption application.